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The account of a little glass, cast-squeeze pine box began in the 1870’s at San Francisco’s Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Around 140 years sometime later – last May – the story returned. An improvement group at a home on Rossi Street near the University of San Francisco found the settled box.


Inside they found a young woman with long blonde hair, wearing a long white trim dress. She had a cross made of sprouts on her chest and she was nicknamed Miranda Eve. Directly we understand that her certified name is Edith Howard Cook.

Elissa Davey, a genealogist and coordinator of the Garden of Innocence Project, reburied the young woman in Colma a year prior. Davey says she was similarly set out to locate the authentic story of the young woman, including the date of her passing.

Utilizing DNA we now know the young woman’s identity and have discovered a living relative.

The information underneath was totaled by the Garden of Innocence:

“Who was she?

Her name was Edith Howard Cook, the second imagined child and first considered young lady of Horatio Nelson and Edith Scooffy Cook. She kicked the pail on October 13, 1876, at age of two years, ten months and 15 days, and was canvassed in family plot in the Yerba Buena range of the Odd Fellows Cemetery on October 15, 1876.

Read more about the Cook family here.

How did Edith kick the can?

Remembrance benefit home records show the purpose behind death was “Marasmus.” Marasmus was a term used as a piece of the

1800s for genuine undernourishment, a condition which could have had different fundamental causes, cloud or not totally grasped at the time.

Given what is known today about late 1800s urban living, an overpowering sickness is the no doubt purpose behind her marasmus.

Read more about Edith’s going here.

How was Edith’s pine box found?

A brief laborer doing reconstructing manage the home of John and Ericka Karner in the Lone Mountain neighborhood of San Francisco uncovered the box while uncovering a fragment of their back yard. The Medical Examiner was told and, ensuing to opening the pine box, affirmed that further atmosphere of pine box and the young woman inside was the commitment of the Karners.

The box was made of metal, 37 crawls in length, with two audit windows in the best. It was immovably settled, in this way shielding the body of the young woman it held.

Read more about the disclosure of Edith’s pine box here.

What happened after she was found?

Through the Office of the Public Administrator, the Karners were set in contact with Elissa Davey, originator of the Garden of Innocence, who sorted out to deal with the young woman. She by then sorted out transportation and care of her in her one of a kind casket until the point that reburial could be coordinated. Another casket was worked, into which the main box was set. The young woman, nicknamed “Miranda Eve,” was reburied at Greenlawn Memorial Park in Colma, CA, on June 4, 2016, at an organization went to by around 140 people.


Another recognition will be held June tenth to regard Edith by holding an administration while knowing her genuine character. Remembrance Service To Be Held on June 10, 2017

Greenlawn Memorial Park, 1100 El Camino Real in Colma. The recognition organization will begin at 11 a.m. It will be occupied with individuals all in all. Find more unpretentious components on the capacity’s territory here.

How might she get the name Miranda Eve?

The Public Administrator gave the name “Eve.” The Karner’s two energetic young ladies picked the name “Miranda.”

How did Edith end up canvassed in the Karner’s porch?

She was secured there – before it was a back yard, clearly. Each one of the homes here depended on the past site of a cemetery, guaranteed and worked by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. The burial ground recognized internments from 1865 until around 1902. The buried were uncovered in the mid 1930s and traded to Greenlawn Cemetery in Colma, CA. For darken reasons, Edith/Miranda was forsaken.

How was Miranda Eve ID’d as Edith Cook

The examination effort was mind boggling, involving four general stages which consistently secured. A productive

satisfaction of each was required to get a 100% positive unmistakable confirmation.

Stage 1: Determining which part of the cleared cemetery identified with the Karner’s residence

A guide or blueprint of the cemetery as it existed when internments ceased was searched for at first. None was found. A versatile game plan for the progression of the cemetery, dating to 1865, was found at the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley. Using that as a base, authorities at first perceived two sections of the graveyard probably identifying with the territory of the living course of action.

In this way, a couple of certain maps, including extraordinary graveyard region drawings, were painstakingly layered on each other and cross-referenced against photographs to reveal a clearer picture of which

family plots likely crossed with the territory of the revelation.

Stage 2: Finding likely contender for “Miranda Eve” shrouded in those zones who met certain criteria:


\Examinations of “Miranda Eve” before reburial prescribe a child developed two to four years at death. DNA defended in her hair demonstrated she was female. Coffin style demonstrates internment around 140 to 150 years earlier. Any potential contender expected to qualify on each one of the three counts. Surviving cemetery records and documented tribute sees, where open, were used to ask about these criteria.

Besides, she would have needed been shrouded in a pine box planning the one which was found. Confirmation of this information depended after finding surviving dedication benefit home records.

Stage 3: Researching family histories of the without a doubt probability to find potential relatives for possible DNA facilitate

Research on interments from the two memorial park ranges restricted the chase to two likely contenders. Standard genealogical request systems were used to find and assess incalculable for pertinent information, most by far of which started from online wellsprings of genealogical records.

This was a work concentrated effort. More than a thousand hours of research was logged by three fundamental experts (now and then bolstered by additional volunteers) to complete this time of the wander.

Living family relatives were over the long haul found for the two hopefuls.

Stage 4: Obtaining DNA tests from the relatives for connection with DNA removed from the same of hair taken from Miranda Eve

The two relatives were come to and assented to give DNA tests to relationship. One of these

shown an OK match to DNA recovered from the hair of “Miranda Eve.

More about the use of DNA

Strands of hair were gotten from “Miranda Eve” before her reburial for DNA testing. Examination of nitrogen

isotopes, coordinated at the University of California, Davis, revealed that she began experiencing

undernourishment around 3 months before her downfall.

This is enduring with an interminable affliction (not at all like, for example, smallpox or an incident where end was ordinarily inside weeks), and with the explanation behind death of “marasmus” exhibited in entombment benefit home records for Edith Howard Cook found later. Whatever the specific explanation behind her illness (a bacterial malady gives off an impression of being certainly), it is certain that “Miranda Eve” kicked the basin from the “wasting” which was typical for an examination of “marasmus.” Her hair was also bankrupt down for clues of pharmaceuticals, for instance, morphine and cocaine, which were essential fragments of

Arrangements in the late 1800s, however nearness of those blends couldn’t be recorded.

Examination of nuclear DNA, which is procured from the two gatekeepers, confirmed that “Miranda Eve” was a young woman (no

Y chromosome DNA pieces are accessible), and proposed genetic sources in Western Europe. Her

complete mitochondrial DNA (obtained just maternally) was amassed, and it was found that “Miranda

Eve” passed on the I1a1e haplotype, most typical on the British Isles.

To get a particular recognizing verification of Edith H. Cook

At the University of California, Santa Cruz, an examination was performed differentiating the DNA removed from the hair test with that got from the living male relative of the second confident, Edith Howard Cook. Those illustrations gave a sensible match.

The living relative is Peter Cook, Edith’s fabulous nephew. Diminish Cook is a close relative of her more prepared kin, Milton H. Cook. He lives in the Bay Area. DNA was expelled from the “Miranda Eve” hair tests in the ideal room workplaces at the school’s Paleogenomics lab using standard old DNA strategies. In the wake of sequencing, data was assembled from around 10% of Miranda Eve’s genome.

The data exhibit normal cases of old or old DNA. The DNA pieces were short – around 50 basepairs each – and showed affirmation of creation corruption. The DNA gathering from Peter Cook was stood out from the “Miranda Eve” data by taking a gander at the rate of planning at spots of phenomenal DNA varieties over the genome. A couple of long, touching ranges were found where Peter Cook and “Miranda Eve” facilitate at these phenomenal inherited assortments at a rate expected for two people who share an outstandingly late ordinary forerunner. The “Miranda Eve” data had no such organizing segments to numerous adversarial controls, i.e., DNA data from unimportant people. Help examination of the organizing regions insisted that these bits are authentic Identity By Descent regions – districts of the genome co-procured from a comparable individual, i.e., the gatekeepers of “Miranda Eve.””